Bieling Architekten

WIKUS Headquarter

Spangenberg, Germany

The basic objective of the design process envisaged an appearance of the main building at the company's Spangenberg site that would meet the demands of a world market leader, and its type of design and detailing conveyed the values ​​of precision, quality and performance. Located at the eastern entrance to Spangenberg, the production halls of the WIKUS saw factory shape the street space. Due to the growth of an expanding company, there was a very heterogeneous appearance of the individual building complexes at the production site without a clear center. With the entrance building and conference center, an address was created which clearly marks the company headquarters and, with a new appearance, meets the requirements of Wikus. For this purpose, the existing buildings directly adjoining the construction site were combined with the entrance building in a new building cubature. The entrance building arches out of a structure of flowing lines and thus marks the entrance to the corporate world of the WIKUS saw factory. This also stands out as a three-story high point, which develops from the two-story production hall. The wide facade, which is representative of the main road, creates a striking appearance that meets the company's requirements.