Bieling Architekten

Ursuline School

Fritzlar, Germany

The building will be arranged as a timber-framed structure in the north adjacent to the "Golden Hole" in such a way that the courtyard, which is currently enclosed on three sides, is framed by the new building from the side that is still open. The historically valuable mill building, the old barn and the former manor house (now school building) thus form a spatial unit together with the planned new building and enclose the existing courtyard on all sides.
The facade of the new building is structured with reference to the existing buildings; the elements of the neighborhood, such as plaster and wooden facades, are taken up and reinterpreted.
The entrance is centrally located at the northern head end of the building and is oriented towards the "Golden Hole". At the entrance level, a central staircase provides access to the basement level below and the library and media center above. The corresponding escape staircase is located at the other end of the access joint.
The music departments and other classrooms and ancillary rooms are arranged on the base floor. Outdoor music courtyards are planned on the south side of the building, and 'making music by the water' is conceivable.
More classrooms are arranged on the first floor, and the library and media center is located on the upper floor, which will have several differently shaped areas where students can conduct independent research and work. A variety of group and also individual workstations will be available, as well as computer and 'still' workstations.