Bieling Architekten


Bremen, Germany

The decisive basis of the design and determining its cubature are the guidelines of the development plan. A three-part group of buildings based on the guidelines there encloses a courtyard-like open space with an orientation to the southwest and to the water as the most important point of reference in the surroundings. Traffic and movement enliven the neighborhood axis "Piazza". The adjacent first floor in the Kontor connects Piazza and Quartierstrasse with its public and commercial uses. The difference in height between the first floor and the piazza is partially inscribed in the building's interior, resulting in differentiated and multipurpose spaces indoors and outdoors. The adjacent courtyard mediates between public and private space. The footpaths to the apartments start at the piazza and lead across the neighborhood-enhancing common forecourt. The common play area for all the houses follows in the same manner the rising elevation between the piazza and the water's edge. On the water side the inner courtyard extends the promenade by a recreational area for the uses located there, such as gastronomy or childcare. Only the front gardens of the apartments rise from the level of the courtyard lie as mezzanines in front of the first floors. Delivery and disposal traffic use the piazza. Access and egress to the shared underground parking are separated at the western and eastern site boundaries, respectively, and are screened by a pergola-like canopy.