Bieling Architekten

City Hall

Kassel, Germany

The starting point for improving the access situation is the axial structure of the existing building. In a functionally logical extension of the central access axis, the new entrance is therefore positioned on the north side of the Stadthalle. The foyer areas of the entrance connect to the movement and development zones in the existing building and extend them in a natural way. Directly above the new entrance is the additional event hall. Due to its location on the second floor, the hall is easily accessible from the existing building, can be integrated without disruption into a possible parallel operation of events and benefits from attractive views of the surrounding park. Its axial arrangement supports the representative character of the colonnaded courtyard.
The new structure for the entrance and hall uses the existing building as a backdrop. Against the backdrop of the neoclassical fa├žade, a simple, cubic structure with a multi-layered outer skin floats above a glass foyer. The outer shell of the upper floor, made of perforated metal, acts as a spatial filter between the hall and the outside space. Its rotatable lamella elements can be used either as visual or solar shading. The transparent surfaces of the facades and the roof of the connection between the existing and the new building allow a maximum of illumination at the critical point in the transition area of the development. The generous stairways are more clearly exposed to daylight than before and simplify orientation.

At the center of the design concept is the linking of the extension of the Kongress Palais in the Stadthalle Kassel with a simultaneous improvement of the access situation. The central element of this link is the new entrance on the north side of the Stadthalle. The entrance allows an independent use of the additionally created event and function areas as a supplement to the existing offer. The situation of development and supply in the existing building will be disentangled and adapted to the increased requirements. As a result, a representative address will be added to the Stadthalle ensemble at a functionally sensible location.