Bieling Architekten

Student Research Center

Kassel, Germany

The new building is located on the Albert-Schweitzer-Schule property in Kassel. The area to be built on is bordered to the north by the schoolyard and to the south by Parkstraße. The main entrance is located on Parkstraße in the basement of the new building. On the first floor, the building can be accessed through another entrance at the level of the schoolyard. The building site is characterized by different height levels, which make it necessary to stagger the building. The choice of the façade material (perforated aluminum sheet) meets the requirements of a façade envelope with low heat storage capacity on the one hand, and on the other hand, the technical-representative character that emphasizes the specificity of the use. Collection and technical rooms as well as the student workshop are located on the basement level. An entrance on the first floor (schoolyard level) also provides access to the building and classrooms. On the first floor level there is an office room as well as the sanitary facilities of the building. The 1st upper floor includes all laboratory and workroom uses, so that interdisciplinary work is facilitated by the spatial connection as well as the supervision of the groups by a supervisor. The top floor contains the observatory as the heart of the student research center. The observatory consists of the observation room and the telescope set-up rooms.