Bieling Architekten

Residential Development on Schaarsteinweg

Hamburg, Germany

The design traces the described zones with its urban figure. Based on the basic idea of the street block, the reference to the concrete location is defined by densification and staggered heights. The urban prelude is formed by a striking, head-like block at the intersection of Bahrenfelder Str and von Sauer Str. As an eight-story building, its height will determine the address formation of the quarter. The adjoining section of the site to the west will be separated from the head by an internal access road. Block edges of different heights will develop there above a full ground-floor development. Two street-facing five-story structures are lowered on the western side of the site to form a detached four-story structure in response to the lower neighboring development. This opens up the interior of the block to the west to the quieter side street and shields the quieter interior zones from the main traffic routes. At the same time, the internal access allows for the bundling of all destination traffic, including boarding house right-of-way, delivery and waste disposal, with the result of minimal disruption to residential uses.