Bieling Architekten

QVC Callcenter

Kassel, Germany

The new QVC Call Center building fills almost the entire block between Sternstrasse and Leipziger Strasse. By taking up the curved boundaries of the site, an exterior form is created that blends harmoniously into the streetscape. The long window bands of the facade emphasize the curved shape of the building. The upper floors along Leipziger Strasse cantilever out and form an arcade for the footpath. The entrance area on the first floor is visible from both the Kirchplatz and Leipziger Stra├če. The orientation of the building towards the Kirchplatz and its insertion into its elliptical layout strengthen its urban planning effect. The new QVC building includes the call center and an above-ground parking garage. An open staircase extends from the reception area over all floors and spatially connects the levels. On the second floor there is an inner courtyard as a break area for the employees.