Bieling Architekten

Clinic Building for Forensic Psychiatry

Haina, Germany

In a new building of the Center for Social Psychiatry in Haina, two wards with 20 beds each are to be provided. .

Each ward will have 8 two-bed rooms with wet cells and 4 single-bed rooms with wet cells. All bed rooms should be approximately the same size to allow for flexible use as single or double rooms, depending on the composition of the clientele. The ward structure should allow the wards to be separated into two treatment groups. The individual wards should be able to be optionally open or closed. This should also be possible for the two treatment groups in each ward.

In addition to the construction of patient rooms, the building will be supplemented by rooms for occupational and movement therapy, duty rooms for doctors and psychologists, visitor rooms, staff rooms, archive and storage rooms, and a "room of silence".

Patients shall have access to their own protected garden and open space area, which shall be fenced or delineated by hedges for patient orientation.

Economic supply and disposal will be provided by the central facilities of the ZSP Haina.