Bieling Architekten

Große Packhofstraße

Hannover, Germany

The focus of the concept is the creation of an attractive 5-story commercial building that meets both the urban development situation and the requirements of a merchandise and office building in a central downtown location. 

The streetscape of the adjacent development is dominated by commercial buildings with a strong emphasis on the first floor zone. The new building at the corner of Große Packhofstraße / Heiligerstraße picks up on this typology and continues it with horizontal bands into Heiligerstraße. In contrast to the neighboring buildings, the design also includes the upper floors in the perception of the passerby by repeating the band structure with high proportions of glass and also guides the passerby into the less frequented Heiligerstraße through the visual continuation of the multi-story "shop window".

The two-story frame as an upper termination to the Große Packhofstraße emphasizes the special location of the corner building. The vertical façade elements along Heiligerstrasse, some of which span several floors, are condensed on the upper floors and thus take into account the necessities of the office use there. The direct connection to the neighboring buildings is made via closed façade strips as a visual contrast to the small-scale metal and glass façades that predominate there. With a height of 21.35m, the building is oriented to the eaves heights of the neighboring buildings.

Photographer: Arne Mayntz