Bieling Architekten

New Community Centre in Rosengarten

Rosengarten, Germany

Typology: Cafeteria, Kindergarten, Youth and Community Centre


The competition task is to design a new building for the existing primary school to provide a bigger cafeteria space, a new kindergarten, as well as a youth and community centre. The design enables an innovative and inviting building that enhances the existing school campus and serves as a lighthouse for the neighbourhood by setting new standards for the municipal infrastructure.

As a central and multifunctional space, the cafeteria is directly connected to the entrance foyer on the ground floor and has a terrace-like outdoor area to be used by the local community. The childcare centre has an internal play area and access via an external staircase and slide to its own garden on the campus. The regular plan figure of the proposal allows for the use of prefabricated construction elements with a high repetition factor and short assembly time. Economic and ecological aspects are combined in a mineral construction of the basement and a hybrid supporting structure consisting of bracing cores, a timber skeleton and glulam ceilings on timber girders in the upper floors. In all areas, conversions can be easily implemented on the basis of the regular fa├žade and extension grid.

Structural Engineer: Prof. Martin Speth, DREWES + SPETH

Building Climate and Energy Concept: Prof. Elisabeth Endres, IB Hausladen

Visualisations: Andreas Woyke, Atelier Noise