Bieling Architekten


Dresden, Germany

Typology: Office and Comemrcial

1. Prize

The basis of the design is the urban planning principle of the block perimeter as the basic structure of the city. On the competition site, this principle is supplemented and enriched by the elevation of corners and the opening up of building lines for plazas. The new building is therefore positioned in a compact form on the southern boundary of the site, sets an appropriate high point at the corner of Papiermühlengasse and Freiberger Strasse with good visibility in the course of Freiberger Strasse and rounds off the existing and recently redesigned square to the S-Bahn station. The high point forms an accentuated prelude for the leap of urban development across the S-Bahn line to the upcoming construction projects on both sides of Freiberger Straße.

The ground plan figure leads users and visitors across the square to the main entrance at the intersection of the two wings of the building and to the inner courtyard as a further access point. Along Papiermühlengasse, the building line recedes somewhat from the street and thus supports the cubic effect of the high point. The entrance to the underground car park is offset inwards on the southern boundary.

The remaining inner courtyard inside the block is landscaped and used as a green eye-catcher, especially for retail and gastronomy on the first floor.