Bieling Architekten

Multifunctional Building Northwest Hospital

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

With its figure, the design wants to formulate an urbanistic addition for the peripheral area of the hospital grounds and at the same time an entrance situation for the central buildings. It occupies the area of the driveway with a striking structure and thus unfolds conciseness and spatial effect. At the approach to the current entrance area, an appropriate forecourt is created by facing the bounding buildings. The ramp-like driveway is redesigned into a gate-like situation. Even in the event of a future relocation of the patient's driveway, the newly framed square will retain its significance as the main access for visitors and can already be given a structural equivalent for this purpose.With its front-garden-like recession, the new building takes up the front-garden motif of the adjacent street space. The height development remains with three full floors and a staggered storey within the limits of the previously known as approvable orders of magnitude. From the urban figure develops in logical sequence the development of the building. The entrance level with main access and development of the stores is located at the level of the central driveway. Above this, medical practices and comparable functions are located on three floors. The basement level is slightly below the level of the future adjacent central warehouse due to the technically necessary floor height. All levels are connected by a central staircase and a group of elevators. The desired functional character of the building becomes clear in the optimal utilization of the site. The space offered exceeds the initial specifications. In favor of this offer, the design combines the previous natural smoke extraction of the adjacent storage area into a shaft-guided mechanical smoke extraction system. In addition to the significant increase in the available space, this achieves an upgrading of the entrance situation with direct access to the parking deck without disturbing stand-off areas. All floor plan representations are to be understood as proposals for a use to be defined in more detail.