Bieling Architekten


Fulda, Germany

In the course of the expansion of the Gymnasium/ Realschule Marianum, a new two-story building was constructed in the center of the existing school complex and the existing buildings were renovated. The new building formulates a new center and is arranged transversely to the existing buildings. The exterior spaces are restructured and urban accents are set by a cantilevered auditorium. The new building functions as an entrance building, new pathways through the building link the individual areas of the school. The central entrance hall is accessed from both the northwest and southeast sides. The entrance hall serves as a break hall and is separated from the auditorium by a mobile partition. An open staircase leads to the second floor. The assembly hall opens to the southwest via a two-story glass facade. It offers seating for approximately 425 people. By opening the mobile partition wall, the auditorium can be extended by an area of approx. 250 seats. Six science classrooms, each with 32 workstations, are arranged on the first floor and the second floor of the northeast section of the building. Adjacent to the classrooms are preparation rooms that can be accessed directly as well as from the corridor zones.