Bieling Architekten


Paderborn, Germany

The conversion of the Theologenkonvikt provides for a change of use of the premises from the current, partly still existing rooms of the former Konvikt, to an office use with several possible rental units.

The main entrance of the Konvikt will remain and will serve to provide access to the north and middle wings. For barrier-free access, the design provides for a ramp system along the main entrance, as well as the new planning of an elevator, which overcomes the height difference between the main entrance and the middle wing barrier-free. The existing staircase in the north wing will be extended to the top floor. The south wing will be accessed via the planned connecting building of the new seminary building. In this area, too, a new elevator will be located in the vestibule of the dining hall, to overcome the existing height difference, and to provide independent access to the upper floors.

Basically, the existing two-span structure of the building will be left in place. To provide light and integrate the wide corridor zones into a contemporary office landscape, the existing door openings will be extended by a uniform dimension. These wall openings will be designed with transparent or translucent  office doors and partition systems as required. In addition, to increase the flexibility of the floor plan structure, every other solid partition wall can be removed and replaced with joists. Each unit is provided with a number of WC units, tea kitchens, copying rooms and technical areas corresponding to the number of employees, which are arranged in bundles one above the other across all floors.