Bieling Architekten


Kassel, Germany

The crematorium, which is part of the historic building ensemble of Kassel's main cemetery, was arranged as a solitaire in the area of the service yard. The basic structure of the courtyard is thus preserved and the crematorium gives it a striking edge.The facade consists of a shell that is partially open on the inside and covered with a frosted glass layer. The apparent transparency of the structure is an expression of lightness, openness and mystical concealment at the same time. The color green as a symbol of hope and nature gives the structure a sense of meaning. Since the crematorium is also operated at night, the appearance of the building changes with the time of day. The irregularly arranged openings behind the glass skin become illuminated surfaces. The theme of transformation is an essential part of the design idea. The U-shaped bulkheads of rusting corten steel protruding from the interior through the glass skin mark the entrances to the crematorium. The only entrance for relatives is marked by a cantilevered marble step that floats between the bulkheads. It serves as a tactful gesture to enter the building.