Bieling Architekten

Extension of the District Administration

Eutin, Germany

Typology: Office

1st Prize

The extension adds a further layer of time to the ensemble of the listed old building and the addition from the years 1978/79. The design completes the urban development figure with a calm and restrained volume and closes it off to the north. Its urban planning primarily relates to the old building and opens up the possibility of a possible further remodeling for future expansions. The location of the new building then enables an L-shaped extension to replace tracts II and III.


The main design goal is a contemporary working environment in flexible, naturally lit and communicative rooms and short distances. According to the room plan, 41 single offices and 6 double offices are arranged on both sides of a multifunctional zone made up of meeting rooms, waiting areas, tea kitchens and printer rooms. The topographical differences in height in the area also enable exposed rooms in the 1st basement. An open staircase as a place for movement and encounter connects the levels in the central zone. The elevator and serving rooms are oriented towards the old building as a compact functional block at the front. This is where the bridge connection to the ground floor and 1st floor of the listed house begins as part of the tour between the new building and the listed old building.


The wooden hybrid construction of the building was developed following the Cradle to Cradle thinking principle. Wood stores CO2 over its useful life. The connecting means between the wooden components and other components are reversible, so that the individual materials can be separated in a recyclable manner. The high degree of prefabrication and the associated short construction time save resources and time. The open wooden construction in the interior also creates a comfortable room climate that benefits the administrative staff.