Bieling Architekten

Hybrid House

IBA Hamburg, Germany

The design formulates a solitary structure within the master planning. Incisions and interruptions, accessible roof areas and terraces break up the cube. Deep incisions on all sides of the façade bring daylight into the interior of the structure. The resulting niches serve as balconies and offer the residents sheltered outdoor areas.
The clear separation of the two uses, commercial and residential, is ensured by two separate entrances. The interior stairwell is designed as a box stairwell, with two completely separate flights of stairs. Conflicts of use between residents and commercial users are excluded.
The floor plans are based on a flexible and neutral grid. Each level offers the same variability of use types of single rooms, chains of rooms and maisonettes. In the spirit of the intended hybrid use, residential and commercial can be mixed both horizontally and vertically without sacrificing meaningful separation and buffer zones.

Photographer: Jörg Schwalfenberg




Das Nebeneinander von Wohnen und Arbeiten




Phase 1

Wohnen und Arbeiten in einer separaten Einheit




Phase 2

Wohnen und Arbeiten in zwei getrennten Einheiten




Phase 3

Umnutzung zu einer einzigen Gewerbeeinheit