Bieling Architekten

Heart Center

Kassel, Germany

The massive basic structure of the building is an L-shaped plinth covered with horizontal bands of fiber cement panels. The glass structure, covered with vertically arranged aluminum panels, rests on the base.

The pedestal structure houses the clinic area and the functional spaces of the upper floors. The glass cube facing the street contains the examination and practice rooms.

The finely structured outer shell reflects the technical content of the building through the materials steel and glass. The   curtain  aluminum panels are part of the heating and ventilation system and lead to the strict vertical division of the glass body.

Warm-looking wooden surfaces of the fa├žade construction and floor coverings define the interior. The colorful wall surfaces reinforce the warm character inside and help to reduce the patients' anxiety. 

On the upper floors, the building unfolds under a glass roof. Freely cantilevered gallery levels and light stair and railing constructions turn the lounge and waiting area into an exciting and bright space.