Bieling Architekten

Wilhelmshöhe Alley

Kassel, Germany

The building forms a distinctive structure in the street space. Its independent appearance is understood as a natural continuation of the free-standing building structure of the surrounding development. The volume appears as a clearly differentiated cube in the close-up effect. A solid wall shell encloses the building volume on three sides, while its rear side appears in contrast as an open facade front divided by loggias. The attic is seen as part of the cube. Its staggered volume breaks up the cube towards the top without losing its strict geometry. The cube is enclosed on three sides by a solid clinker shell. The floor-to-ceiling glazing of the window elements generously provides the interior spaces with natural light. Plastered fields in the clinker facade structure and differentiate the facade appearance. The south side opens completely as a glass front with inserted loggias.