Bieling Architekten

House Rathgeber

Kassel, Germany

The new residential building in the district of Mulang forms the transition from a villa-like development of the turn of the century to newer apartment buildings. The building's street view takes up the proportions of the existing buildings and extends into the depth of the site. In addition to an appropriate use of the site with five apartments in the building, a generous garden remains. The open space design integrates the stock of tall trees. The body of the house is divided into three elements. A massive, white plastered back in the longitudinal direction of the building with a concise rounding accommodates the access and the subordinate rooms. Along the entrance side there is a dense row of folding shutters standing vertically in the fa├žade. Leaning against this back is the main building, whose ceiling panes mark the stratification of the floors as clear white lines. A shell of lamella, partly movable sunshade elements connects both components. The interaction of light and shadow creates an exciting intermediate space behind the slats.