Bieling Architekten

House of the Church

Kassel, Germany

The striking "Haus der Kirche" (Church House), typical of the 1970s, was renovated and expanded in several construction phases. The building's functions were supplemented by a new conference center with a public cafeteria and a delivery building.A spacious foyer was created by converting and extending the existing visitor entrance. This central reception area serves as a link between the existing and new buildings and is used jointly by the conference center and the regional church office.The conference center is accessed from the expanded foyer via a single-flight staircase. The large conference hall can be flexibly resized. Special attention is given to the glass art work of Prof. Scheiter, which is of important significance in the redesign of the existing devotional room. The new glass facade improves the energy budget of the building and gives it a contemporary appearance. Outside, the representative entrance from Wilhelmshöher Allee and the terrace of the cafeteria have been redesigned. The planned planting of tulip trees and the choice of typical local materials for the surfacing of driveways and footpaths, draw the connection to the nearby Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe.