Bieling Architekten

Great Bockenheimer Street

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The new building in the large Bocken Heimerstra├če in Frankfurt is designed for a mixed use of retail, office and rental space. The theme of zoning is also reflected in the facade, which has a horizontal division into three areas.

The 1st basement, first floor and 1st floor of the new building each contain retail space. Office space is located on floors 2 and 3. In the upper part of the building, a total of eight apartments are planned. Each area has a different structuring in the facade appearance. The facade of the building is characterized by the small-scale structure of the streetscape of the Fressgass. .

The material is fiberglass concrete. The curtain panels extend over all floors and are thus a binding element between the different floor structures. The living area on the upper floors forms terraced arcades at the back facing the quiet inner courtyard. They serve to provide access to the apartments and for lounging. This protects the tenants' privacy and allows independent play in the building's areas.