Bieling Architekten

Bell Tower Holy Spirit Church

Hanau Gro├čauheim, Germany

The central ideas of the design are spatial effect and symbolism. With its positioning in the urban environment, the bell tower contributes to the consolidation of an actual church square and complements the ensemble of existing buildings in a natural way. With its slender body and the attached cross, the tower achieves a signal effect in the urban district that is visible from afar.

The bell tower remains unobtrusive in its appearance. The materiality of the tower and its disc-like joining refer to related elements in the construction of the existing buildings. The graceful proportions of the cross appear unobtrusive and subtle. 

The body of the bell tower may be a conventional reinforced concrete structure. The facade of the tower receives a brick facing. Lamellar sound shutters will be installed in the joints of the disc-like walls. The individual lamellas of the sound shutters change their inclination from bottom to top and thus open in the direct area of the bell.

Inside the tower, a steel staircase with an inspection platform is placed below the bell. The metal surfaces of the cross and the sound shutters are made of pre-patinated copper. Brick and copper approximate the materials of the existing structure in surface texture and coloration.