Bieling Architekten

Vicar General's Office

Paderborn, Germany

The main entrance area will be redesigned into an open, spacious hall. A new elevator system is accessed from the level of the main entrance. This also overcomes the difference in height between the entrance and the first floor. A waiting area will be located to the side of the entrance. The east wing will be extended over its entire length to form a two-level facility. Eight workstations will be created in double offices on each level. Due to the integration of the development into the building structure, the individual workstations must be provided in the attic floors. The office-related special area is located directly next to the central staircase. In the arrangement shown, the stairwell can still be lit via fire-resistant glazing. In Domplatz 3, the sanitary rooms are arranged together with the new elevator system next to the central stairwell; in Domplatz 11, they are located in the corner area to the new building transition.

Both attic floors will be completely rebuilt and each equipped with two-span office arrangements. The offices are lit via new dormer windows with upright formats in a regular arrangement over both sides of the roof. In the attic of house Domplatz 3, a more open design of the office spaces can alternatively be implemented. The size of the roof space allows the installation of an additional gallery-like area in the ridge area of the roof with an interesting working atmosphere.