Bieling Architekten

Commercial Building Fürstenrieder Street

Munich, Germany

The focus of the concept is the creation of an attractive commercial building that meets both the urban development situation and the requirements of a merchandise and office building in a central location. In keeping with its use, the first floor of the new building is dominated by generous glazing. The floor band arranged above offers space for the necessary advertising media. The open appearance is repeated on the second floor.

At the same time, a condensation of vertical structures made of sword-like profiles and closed zones of perforated sheets begins. The vertical façade elements, some of which span more than one storey, become denser on the upper floors and thus take into account the necessities of office use there. The development in the depth of the site terraces itself into the interior of the site. The height of the floors and the structure of the façade refer to the adjoining small-scale residential development.

The generous floor plan areas allow for flexible use on each floor and thus ensure the sustainability of the building. Through clever arrangement of subordinate functions and development elements, the areas are optimally utilized for use as retail space. Daylight from the street side provides a pleasant atmosphere and orientation.