Bieling Architekten

Friedrichsberger Lofts

Hamburg, Germany

With its park-like character, the site offers the best conditions for a high-quality living and working environment. The most important design goal is therefore to strengthen this feature while at the same time integrating it sensibly into the surrounding urban space. The design uses several guidelines to achieve this. The complementary development is arranged compactly and without unnecessary consumption of space. Traffic looking for parking is kept out of the interior of the site as far as possible and is guided along a short route to the underground car park access at Holsteinischer Kamp. Along Friedrichsberger Street, a public forecourt is created as a transition to the private property and as an entrance to the public functions. The entrances to the residential buildings are reached via a generous front garden from Holsteinischer Kamp and incorporate the park at the rear into the perception via a wide passageway. Access to the commercial and office units is from Friedrichsberger Street. A public use on the ground floor increases the attractiveness of the entrance situation and connects street and park.