Bieling Architekten

Airport Kassel

Kassel-Calden, Germany

The expansion of the existing airfield into an airport involves the construction of a new runway, parallel taxiway, terminal building, control tower, firefighting and workshop facilities, a general aviation terminal, and a commercial area with buildings and aircraft hangars for general aviation purposes.

The expansion will allow for the operation of regular tourist low-cost and business flights and the continuation of the already successful commercial activities related to the airport at the location.

The design of the terminal building features a compact structure with two floors and a conceptual provision for a longitudinal expansion of approximately 24.00 meters on both sides of the building.

The ground level, referred to as Level 0, is situated at the same level as the apron and is accessible from the airside. Level 1 serves as the main level of the terminal and is located at ground level on the landside, accessible from that area. The technical and ancillary functions are housed on Level 2, which has dimensions of approximately 72.00 x 12.00 meters and is integrated into the main level, accessible from there.