Bieling Architekten

Neubau DRK-Seniorenzentrum

Kassel, Germany

The design links the central question of the positioning and figure of the new building with the functional relationships within the building. The urban accentuation of the entire complex refers to the structure of the surrounding buildings. Its continuous two-story structure corresponds to the urban environment. The structuring of the building into a comb-like arrangement of individual cubes creates a scaled correspondence to the neighboring residential development. The head of the new building facing Goldsternweg is given a modified figure to mark the main entrance. From here, a straight-line access leads to the other parts of the building. Between the building volumes are open spaces of similar size and shape, which will be protected from the structure and maintain a private character, while still supporting an open appearance of the building. Pedestrians will reach the entrance via a small plaza in front of the main entrance, entrances for employees are located on the side of the building facing the street Am Jungfernbach, as are delivery and parking spaces.