Bieling Architekten


Hamburg, Germany


In accordance with the master plan, a group of buildings was erected on Dalmannkai, linking living and working. The office building is the final point in the row along the water and square edge to the Elbphilharmonie. Together with the L-shaped apartment building, the buildings are grouped around an inner courtyard facing the Elbe. The elevated platform and the topography of the square serve to protect against storm surges. The first floors are each equipped with a system of compartmentalization, providing safety and habitability in the event of flooding. The height of the apartment building is oriented to its neighbors to the east. The street façade carries a serene appearance with a grid of deep-set punched windows and single bay-like openings. The orientation and use of the apartments dictates the change in façade theme from a punched façade on the courtyard side to large-scale framed elements on the waterfront. Within these frames, the apartments open to the view with large expanses of glass or balconies and loggias. The defining materials, clinker and metal, suggest a lasting  visual quality.