Bieling Architekten

Elements of Bergedorf

Bergedorf Hamburg, Germany

Typology: Plot 1: Living, Plot 2: Office and Retail

2. Selection


The competition is looking for an urban development solution for the public open space of Bergedorf's central shopping streets after the current use has been abandoned. Both plots of land to the left and right of Bergedorf's Schloßstraße provide space for different types of use due to their location and orientation and require a composition derived from this. The design therefore attempts a holistic and at the same time individual design of the two building plots.

The urban block between Bergedorfer Schloßstraße and Chrysanderstraße already has examples of appropriate scale in height and structure on its eastern side. The design continues this structure on the north and west sides of the block and adds a moderate elevation in the corner area facing the Schlosspark and roof terraces at different heights. The edge of the square is deliberately aligned with the alley leading to the Sachsentor. The ground floor zones are given open-plan shop areas with generous storey heights, above all as a gesture towards the Schlosspark and Kaiser-Wilhelm-Platz. The depth of the buildings is not maximised and leaves sufficient free space for lighting and ventilation, even in the interior of the block. Above the parking levels in the basement and ground floor, the inner courtyard is designed as a garden area, as are the roof terraces of the upper floors. Here there are intensively designed roof gardens with play areas for small children and communication zones for residents. Large construction areas also allow for the planting of large-crowned trees.

New path and visual relationships are supported by the redesign of the outdoor areas along Vingenhagenweg. The barrier-like green strip between Vinhagenweg and Schlossgarten will be made more permeable. The shape of Kaiser-Wilhelm-Platz will be taken up and the western triangle will be created as a tree-lined grove without planting. The square can become the prelude to the Schlossgarten and take on further functions for gastronomy, events and market use. The course of Schloßstraße swings in the northern section to create a square-like situation for the existing buildings. The Sachsentor pedestrian zone will remain the main shopping street in Bergedorf's inner city. However, Bergedorfer Schloßstraße will be significantly upgraded by the new building and the redesign of the street space. Trees and representative retention beds form the connection with the Schlossgarten and increase the quality of stay, especially on hot days. In contrast to Sachsentor, the accessibility of shops by car and bicycle in Schloßstraße is maintained. By reducing the street to one lane, the northern pavement can be widened and offers enough space for a generous walking area, planted tree discs, flower beds, punctual seating areas, bicycle stands, catering areas, loading zones, etc. The northern side of the street will be more spacious. On the southern side, continuous customer parking spaces are offered, which are structured by further tree plantings.

Landscape Architects: Studio polymorph
Renders: Atelier Noise