Bieling Architekten


Hamburg, Germany

Typolgy: Office and Commercial

The new building is situated in a dominant and widely visible corner location of the popular Hamburg district of Barmbek at the Fuhlsbüttler Strasse 101, Drosselstrasse and Pestalozzistrasse. The building complex includes retail, gastronomy, office and hotel space, as well as a fitness center and a neighborhood garage with 400 parking spaces.

The façade is characterized by a simple but elegant masonry skeleton masonry skeleton, which is primarily aligned vertically in a grid. vertically aligned. The façade is structured in a high-quality red brick façade typical for the city of Hamburg. The differentiated grid takes into account different usage requirements, without the building disintegrating into individual parts. The execution of staggered reveal and lintel areas as well as masonry textures and further differentiate and structure the façade and thus enhances the
building. From this theme, the staircase entrances develop through further detailing of the masonry.

The facades of the 4th floor are partially staggered back. TThe resulting building edges thus make reference to the adjacent existing buildings in terms of height. For the rental areas on the first floor, large-scale aluminum-glass shop window facades as post-and-beam constructions and an arcade design in front of the hotel entrance on Fuhlsbüttler Straße are planned.