Bieling Architekten

Office building of Deutsche Bahn AG

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The comb-like structure of the new Frankfurt West office building on the edge of Bockenheim is explained by the urban planning approach. A long five-story building block in the west closes off the neighborhood from the railroad tracks and assumes the function of noise protection. On the side facing the railroad, the building forms a ridge that follows the curve of the railroad line.

A large-scale, double-skin soundproof fa├žade determines the building's appearance. The idea behind the building is to design bright office spaces that can be used flexibly and offer maximum working quality.

On the east side, transparent building volumes alternate with small inner courtyards and thematize the small-scale nature of the neighborhood. The base in the east and the building block in the west consist of a perforated facade. This extends in color into the interior and shimmers through the glass facades of the courtyard elevations. 

In the exterior space in front of the listed garage building by Ernst Balser, a small tree-lined neighborhood square has been created.