Bieling Architekten

Office building with Kindergarden

Hanover, Germany


1st Prize

The new building for a day-care centre and offices completes the development of the company grounds with a calm and restrained volume and closes it off to the north. Its urban setting relates primarily to the edges of the neighbouring main building and the path axes along the bistro and multi-storey car park.

The main design objective for the office floors is a contemporary working environment in flexible, naturally lit and communicative spaces with short routes. Single, double and team offices are located on either side of a multi-functional zone consisting of meeting rooms, waiting areas, kitchenettes and printer rooms. Alternatively, the floor plan can be used as an open, multifunctionally furnished open-space office landscape.

A striking row of trees supports the routing along the bistro and car park to the future main entrance. Behind a protective hedge, there are play areas and seating areas under shady trees. Green courtyards will be created in the loggias and roof terraces as additional areas for meetings and break times as outdoor meeting places.